Summer Stylish Lantern Sleeve Color-Block Rose Print Ramie Dress/1211

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White Women's Linen Loose Prom Dress Made from ramie fabric, which is lightweight and breathable,

=Classic minimalist style with an X-shaped silhouette, providing a relaxed summer feel.

=The long hemline reaching the calves is suitable for daily outings or various formal occasions.

=Deep V-neck and drop shoulder sleeve design add more appeal

Material:washed soft linen 

=Linen is the most natural fabric, used as a material for various high-end garments.

=It has the natural characteristics of absorbing moisture and being breathable.

=Linen helps regulate the skin's surface temperature, providing all-day comfort.

=After the fabric undergoes sand washing, it becomes softer and acquires a unique wrinkled texture.

Linen is a durable, natural material and, if cared for correctly, can last years. It will soften and grow more comfortable with every wash, so follow these steps – and enjoy.